Tim Lincecum and Giants Avoid Arbitration

Giants fans breathed a collective sigh of relief today when they came to terms for a 2 year agreement with Tim Lincecum. Various newspapers are reporting a $8M for 2010, $13M for 2011, and a $2M signing bonus. So there you go, Giants fans can stop stressing out about whether his feelings will get hurt, if he will leave in 2014 because of not getting paid in 2010, etc. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely happy for Lincecum that he’s getting his very overdue raise, but I think that some Giants fans were overreacting just a bit. Glad we can put this behind us and talk about the game of baseball instead of the business side. 5 days until pitchers and catchers report!


Congrats on getting quoted on the front page of MLB.com! From one South SJ-er to another!

Haha hey thanks for pointing that out, I wouldn’t have known. I got my screenshot of it too.

I think everyone was just freaking because he’s our superstar. I’m glad the Giants haggled though, that’s their job.

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