Hope in 2010 – An open letter to Giants Fans

Dear Giants Fans,
What are your hopes for the 2010 Giants?
Keep in mind that the San Francisco Giants have never won a World Series. They have made a total of 3 World Series appearances since moving to San Francisco (1962, 1989, and 2002), and have not been to the playoffs since 2003. Regardless of the bleak history, each year when spring training comes around, I wonder if this that year will finally be the year that the San Francisco Giants finally win a World Series.
This year (as with most years) I believe that the Giants have a legitimate chance to see October baseball. Are my expectations too high of the current roster? Reading many fan comments on Giants articles, certain fans seem to be very displeased with the off season moves made by the Giants front office. Certain fans go through the lineup hitter by hitter explaining why the team is too weak and will not make the playoffs. The opposite may be a fan like myself and say that the Giants were very close to making the playoffs last year and with the additions that they have made, I think they have just as good if not a better chance to be in the playoffs than last year. 
Do I think Freddy Sanchez, Mark DeRosa, and Aubrey Huff are the big bats that the Giants have so desperately needed since the days of Barry Bonds and Jeff Kent? No, but I believe that they will be an improvement over the opening day roster of last years club that finished just four games out of a Wildcard berth. If the solid players of last year perform up to their standard, and the new hitters can put in decent numbers, 2010 will be an interesting season for the Giants.
Perhaps I’m way off base, perhaps these new players will be exactly what the some “fans” are predicting: too old, too slow, and not enough hitting. Nonetheless, THIS Giants fan has hope that something special *might* happen in 2010. Isn’t that what being a sports fan is all about?
Jon Rasty


The ultimate hope will always be a World Series win, I would assume. It is for me, of course. But currently, winning the division is the goal for me. One step at a time, I guess. The new roster is exciting enough in that I think they will do better this year. We got great pitching, if we can just get on base once in a while, we’ll be set.

I’m shocked to hear the Giants have never won a World Series in Frisco. I grew-up with the Giants Dodger rivalry. For those of us in the west, their games were the world. Thanks.

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